Saturday, July 24, 2010

Katrina and the Waves - “Walking on Sunshine”

  We start out with some shots of crappy abandoned housing in an unnamed, probably European, city. We zoom in on Katrina doing aerobics in some place where the window is missing. She’s very happy and energetic, doing hand motions that probably mean something to people involved with aircraft landings.

  Brief shot of the Beatles in another missing window.

  Katrina does the high splits as the lyrics start. She really loves this song.

  Close-up on Katrina (the singer, not a vindictive weather pattern) as she belts away. She can’t seem to stand still, bouncing about and exuberantly showing us her red Converse hi-tops. Brief shot of the Beatles looking sad, then a revelatory scene where we learn that everyone in the band is wearing hi-tops. Well, except for some loser with low-riders. Did he not get the memo?

  Katrina bounces some more, and then we see her marching away from a huge manor. (I guess she didn’t know the password. Brief glimpse of the Beatles being sad about her predicament while sitting on what might be a very big tombstone, but there aren’t any other graves around, so who knows.) Katrina keeps skipping along, because she’s basically happy, despite the constant rejection.

  Now Katrina is prancing alongside some industrial riverbank, where things look gloomy and sad, despite the upbeat lyrics. (Ain’t no sunshine when she’s in a fog.) Her red shoes really pop, so that’s good. Kudos to somebody in the wardrobe department.

  Then Katrina and the band are on stage, with some decidedly 80’s lighting going on. (You really expect Hall and Oates to join them at any moment.) They jiggle around for a while, with Katrina sporting a jacket so busy that small children burst into tears.

  Oh, here’s Katrina back outside, marching along with her perky determination and slightly-butch attire. Brief shot of the Beatles mysteriously adhered to some pilings on the waterfront. Then we’re back on stage, and we learn that Katrina has some stunningly large teeth. (The thick lipstick doesn’t help, honey.)

  And we’re back at the river, with Katrina trudging along with pep and vigor amidst the fog, completely oblivious to the fact that we haven’t seen any sunshine yet in this video. We see the Beatles lounging on posts along the river, appearing to be enjoying the position far more than they should. Luckily, Katrina gives them some type of signal, and they begin to follow her.

  Short interlude with the band bouncing on stage yet again, then back outside, with the quartet headed toward Notre Dame or some such. I assume it’s closed, because we see them back at the river again. One of the Beatles slips and falls in the mud, so I’m guessing this is Ringo Starr, and the plunge is symbolic of his appearance in “Caveman”.

  Shot of a duck drowning itself in the river to escape the horrid reminder.

  Shot of Katrina and the Beatles feeding bread to the surviving members of the duck family, hoping they can get past Ringo’s brief acting career and start ordering the reissues of the Beatles catalog.

  Now we have Katrina and the band arriving in the makeup room before a concert. Everybody changes outfits, puts on new tennis shoes, slathers on more makeup, and bandages their fingers. (Not sure about that last part.)

  And we’re back onstage, with Katrina proving that caffeine is intrinsic to her performance art. The rest of the band boings around in comradeship. We get tight shots of one band member who is trying to channel Loverboy, but it’s really not working for me. Lots of hair shaking.

  We wind down with Katrina showing her support for Tourette Syndrome sufferers, whipping her head around like she could mince a glove of garlic in three seconds. In fact, the whole band is flailing like somebody ordered a Cobb Salad. Music fades, and another one-hit wonder drops off the face of the earth…

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