Sunday, February 13, 2011

Switchfoot - “Dare You To Move”

We start off with the band playing the song on a beach, under one of those long wooden piers that are always a little creepy and you expect them to fall on you at any time, crushing your cotton candy and making thing unpleasant. Then we start seeing a lifeguard trying to revive a surfer guy who has apparently had some type of accident in the water. Things look fairly grim, but this does not stop the band from playing.

The lifeguard works for a while, but he isn’t getting any response. People start wandering up to stare in that non-helpful way that they have, just standing there and not doing anything constructive or moving the plot along in any way. We start getting flashbacks, and it appears that the surfer guy has a history of activities that lead to him lying flat on his back, unconscious. (Mean bullies, skateboard mishaps, tiredness.) Meanwhile, the band continues to play and not call 9-1-1.

The song kicks up a little bit, and this inspires the producers to show us the Surfer Dude having all those accidents again. This time we see people trying to help Little Surfer, but to no avail. He just keeps laying there on various sidewalks and playgrounds, just like he keeps laying on the beach in the present day and not exhibiting healthy vital signs. Then we take a small break from the tragedies so the various band members can pose for the camera or gaze out to sea, with the lead singer making sure that we see his t-shirt, which he apparently likes a lot.

Back to the drama, with more falling to the ground and apparent avoidance of safety precautions. Oh wait, we have a few new elements. Surfer Dude Boy is still lying on his back, but this time in what we’ll assume is his own bed. Then he picks up a phone, and we get another shot of a pretty teen girl showing us that she has straight hair and perfect teeth. Ah, memories of young love. Then we cut back to the band, because it’s a part of the song where guitars are important, and we have to watch the guitar players do that intense rocking-out business with their instruments, making them look like chickens with something lodged.

Okay, some shots of people we don’t know arguing, so I’m not sure what that mess is all about. Oh look, there’s Surfer Dude Boy again, listening to this argument while naturally lying on his back. (Maybe he just doesn’t like chairs? Or sitting?) And then we’re back with the band not helping the lifeguard who is still working on Surfer Dude while we peer through a forest of sandy legs and board shorts. A parent runs up and drags away one of the watching children, which is good, because kids really don’t need to see this, even if there is a free concert to go along with it.

More scenes of young love, with Surfer Teen and Straight-Hair Girl lying on a blanket (on their backs, naturally, because that’s the theme) and cautiously inching their fingers toward one another in a potential hand-holding move. (This development is cute and refreshing. In most current videos, where strutting people rap the same three words over and over while wearing electrical tape as an outfit, they would normally be having sweaty sex by now while mascara gets smeared.)

More of the band playing. Why do they all have the same hairstyle?

Oh wait, things are looking up. All of the Little Surfers start opening their eyes in the past, and current-day Surfer Dude spits out seawater in a messy but positive indication of life. (To help along all these sudden recoveries, the band starts playing louder and the lead singer is really wailing away.) All the Surfers, big and small, “lift themselves off of the floor” in some nice, synchronized choreography. Everybody’s all better, and the lovebirds finally clasp hands on that otherwise innocent blanket.

The song winds down with some close-ups of the band members showing their total enjoyment of performing music, playing their instruments while the wind blows their hair just right. Once done, the lead singer looks off to the side and just laughs. Did he just figure out the matching haircut thing?

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