Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gavin DeGraw - “Not Over You”

  We start off with some shots of busy downtown streets, where we have lots of people scurrying about, with some retail signage letting us know that we appear to be in some sort of Chinatown section. We get a quick shot of Gavin, with him and his shades strutting down a sidewalk, then we are treated to a young girl wearing a thong while watering the plants in her apartment. She appears to be about twelve years old, so Gavin had better be over her or the po-po gonna knock on his door.

  Then we start doing this split-screen thing, with Gavin and his hat in one story, and the possible Jail Bait in the other. He doesn’t seem to be doing much, just wandering around and trying to be street cool, but the girl (let’s call her Chrissy) is much more active, running around in various locations and trying her best to wear as little clothing as possible. One of her favorite activities involves lying naked on a bed and hanging her head over the side of the mattress. I guess it doesn’t take much to entertain her.

  Eventually we get to the chorus, which allows the video to transition to some place where Gavin and his band are jamming. Meanwhile, Chrissy keeps herself busy as well, standing on pretty bridges, looking sad, and changing outfits, looking bereft. Oh, and she stops off to at some deli so she can chow down on a hot dog, just in case we weren’t getting the more subtle symbolism that these two are lovers. Or used to be. They might be taking a break right now so Chrissy can study for her driver’s license test.

  And this is how it goes for a while, with the split-screens showing Gavin playing with his band, sitting on windowsills of very old buildings and gazing at things we can’t see, and intensely singing the song on street corners while pedestrians completely ignore him. Chrissy keeps wearing short-shorts on bridges, being lethargic on that bed, and showing us that you can indeed wear an Ace bandage as a tube top, as long as you don’t have to raise your arms for any reason.

  Oh, and Chrissy spends a lot of time at the ocean, wearing tiny outfits and gazing out to sea. Honey, are you waiting for Gavin to return from some type of pirate adventure? He’s not out there. He’s in his studio in Chinatown, trying to get over you but not understanding that if you keep singing about a person then the forgetting part is not going to happen. Maybe you should go find him and explain this bit to him. Or at least ask for some lunch money.

  Both of them also enjoy lying around on their respective floors, looking tragic and pale and thinking about that time they spent together at band camp. Or cheerleading camp. Wherever it was that they used to be in love before fate and/or Child Protective Services busted up the slumber party. Gavin appears to be the most distraught, with his depression forcing him to wear unattractive headgear and rub his hands in his face a lot.

  Finally, Chrissy has had enough and actually puts some real pants on so she can go find her man. Gavin apparently didn’t get the memo, because he leaves his studio apartment just seconds before Chrissy runs up and tries to remember how to knock on a door. She gets sad when he doesn’t answer, then slumps against his door, probably because she’s not used to wearing this much clothing and is worn out. Then she gets a second wind and goes running around town in search of Gavin.

  And, because this is a make-believe video where things always work out in the end and everyone is always beautiful, Chrissy and Gavin meet up on a trashy-chic street, where they proceed to make out and rekindle their relationship. Then Chrissy hops in her baby buggy and Gavin wheels her back to his place…

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