Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adele - “Set Fire To The Rain”

  Note: This was recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall. Adele supposedly suffers from tremendous stage fright, but you sure can’t tell from this stunning performance. However, if you study the video carefully, you can still find odd subliminal messages scattered about, and I’m here to help you find them. (But seriously, the jokes are pretty lame with this entry because I was too mesmerized by her singing. You’ll probably have a better time if you just scroll down and click to watch the video…)

0:03  Happy people have clearly been drinking.

0:07  Somebody in the front row has a question about Mongolian stir-fry.

0:16  A thermonuclear device has been hidden near the drummer.

0:24  Adele has arranged for a solar eclipse to take place directly behind her, which is very thoughtful of her.

0:33  Apparently they grow giant mushrooms on the ceiling of Royal Albert Hall. Who knew?

0:38  Too many tequila shots can lead to inappropriate behavior.

0:45  Why  is Karl Rove here?

0:54  Possibly the longest neck ever on a human being.

1:01  Somebody got a really good deal on lampshades at Pottery Barn.

1:15  Unfortunate lipstick choice. Poor thing.

1:28  Seriously, the alcohol must really be flowing in this place.

1:39  The backup singers appear to be practicing the backstroke, unaware that they are not in a swimming pool at the moment.

2:03  Rude audience member is either double-flipping someone off or having a small orgasm.

2:10  Gratuitous cleavage shot, even in an Adele video. What has the world come to?

2:18  Okay, those backup vocalists are far too invested in whatever it is that they are doing with their arms.

2:29  Why do we keep seeing this same woman in the audience as she sings along? If she’s somebody important, why is she in the back row? And who did that to her hair?

2:34  I think I saw this in a porn movie once. (Research purposes, of course.)

3:00  I still don’t understand why those backup singers have to be so energetic.

3:17  And now we have a small UFO landing off to the right of the stage. You certainly get the bonus plan when you buy an Adele ticket.

3:31  This does not look like the face of a woman that you should irritate. Ever.

3:36  Is that man wearing clogs?

3:43  Adele confirms her album’s world-wide ranking.

3:57  Great. Adele’s voice blew a circuit-breaker again.

Click Here to Watch the Video on YouTube.

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