Saturday, July 28, 2012

Demi Lovato – “Give Your Heart A Break”

  We start out with Demi on the phone with some guy, she in what might be her apartment and he standing on a sidewalk, possibly homeless but wearing a cute little stocking cap. We have no idea what they’re talking about, but since they’re still young and haven’t had much experience in life, it’s probably not important. They both seem to be grimacing, so it might not be a happy call, but at least they’re both cute.

  Then they hang up, with Guy heading into some building and Demi turning to face us so we can see her better as she begins to sing. And apparently she wants to tell us about happier times in their relationship, because suddenly we are whisked away to a scene with the two of them painting a room and having far more fun than one should when doing something labor-intensive and repetitive. (Maybe the paint fumes were really special that day? Or there might have been drinking. Everything is more exciting with alcohol.)

  Anyway, we cut to Guy sitting on a couch somewhere as he sighs and turns a framed photo of the youngsters face down. This is supposed to show his dissatisfaction with the relationship, but I’m really more invested in his odd coffee table with the really wide gaps in it where stuff is just going to fall through and stain the Pottery Barn throw rug. Then he just sits there and looks lost and sad, despite sitting next to a really cute fuzzy pillow that he clearly didn’t pick out on his own.

  Zip back to Demi, who is briefly wandering around in an unexplained room that features a searchlight or maybe a UFO, then she’s back in her apartment, going through a box of her own photos. She has hundreds of smiling-couple photos, which seems a bit obsessive to me, but it gives her something to play with until it’s time for the next chorus. Then Demi appears to have an idea which inspires her to leap up and run out of the room without bothering to let us know where she’s going.

  Turns out that she’s managed to change her outfit and is now wandering down a darkened street in the middle of the night, which is always a safe thing for a young lady to be doing. Whoops, now she’s back in the apartment, running around and snatching up more hundreds of photos of her and the beau. (Did those two ever do anything in their relationship besides pose?) Brief scene with the two of them practicing the Heimlich Maneuver in a kitchen somewhere, then Demi grabs her big-ass duffle bag of snapshots and heads out the door again.

  She’s back on that questionable late-night street again, warbling and walking, then she’s in the strange room with the possible UFO, where she belts out part of the song that makes her and her leather jacket look really anguished and distraught. While all of this is going on, we also get a montage of the happy couple being happy in various locations before recent events made them less happy. (Did the batteries run out on their cameras? That can kill a relationship, sure can.)

  Then we have Demi arriving outside a vague building where she proceeds to start pinning some of the thousands of photos to a wall. We have no idea why she’s doing this, but at least it gives her something to do while the producers kick off another montage of the couple in better times before The Bad Thing happened. This batch of memories mainly involves the two of them driving around in places full of sunshine and, naturally, taking pictures of one another. Oh, and there’s also some business with the two of them playing peekaboo behind some white curtains, because that’s a true sign of a mature relationship.

  We check back with Picture-Arranging Demi, and she’s been really busy. She’s managed to cover a big chunk of wall space with selections from her photography trove, and it doesn’t look like she’s planning to stop any time soon. (Girl must have been hitting the coffee hard this morning.) Meanwhile, Wandering Demi and UFO-Room Demi are still wailing the song and making dramatic faces about the pain of having no one in your life to take pictures of you.

  We get a final round of images of the sun-kissed couple making boring activities like walking or cleaning out the lint trap on the dryer look sexy and fun, we revisit UFO-Room Demi as she belts out the closing bit of the song, and we start to wrap things up with a return to Picture-Arranging Demi as she scrambles to plaster that wall with images of her and Guy eating lobster and riding in bumper cars. Cut to Guy’s apartment, where he happens to glance out his window and sees that Demi’s thousands of pictures on the wall of that building has created one giant image that magically, when seen from a block away, morphs into yet another shot of the two of them posing for the camera.

  Awwww. But seriously, how much do these people spend on photo supplies? And what was up with that UFO?

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