Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Matt Nathanson - “Come On Get Higher”

Oh my. This is a tough one, with hundreds of random images flying by. I’ll be digging deep to come up with a story for this one…

We start off with morning breaking outside while someone that is probably Matt is having a plumbing issue, with water pouring over his head. The drenching, however, does not stop another Matt from strumming his guitar while wearing a black t-shirt. We also have a third Matt with some striking accessories, one being a nose ring and the other being some girl who loves to squeeze her face into the tight camera frame with Matt.

Brief shot of a skyline. I guess this is the artsy part.

Then we have yet another Matt, this one apparently trapped on the floor between two beds, probably in a hotel. He seems to be happy and all, he just can’t move. In the background, we see that girlfriend woman, just walking around and not trying to help at all, so I’m not sure that Matt should be in a relationship with her.

Right at the thirty-second mark we have an odd mess where it appears that somebody ran out of film, had to switch cameras, and didn’t even try to cover up the snafu. I’m starting to think that the people involved with this video are just really, really lazy, what with the not helping people and the lack of professionalism on the technical side.

No matter, all of the Matts seem quite content to continue wailing the song, no matter where they are, especially the one who appears to be standing on the stage at an X-Files convention. Oh, wait, now that selfish girlfriend is soaking wet as well. What, was it bothering her that Matt might be getting more attention. She is really high-maintenance.

But her hamming it up with the wetness seems to have worked, because now we are seeing much more of her than Matt. She’s everywhere, out on the street, wandering around apartments, appearing as an image in a burnt tortilla. And more of that mess where she shoves her face up against Matt’s when he’s just trying to sing and make a living.

X-Files Matt seems to have lost his guitar at some point, which could prove tragic, so we’ll need to keep an eye on him. Oh wait, it’s back. Then it’s gone again. Okay, even the instruments in this video can’t seem to fulfill their duties. I’m thinking Matt needs to reconsider his whole social network.

Brief shot of a sleazy motel somewhere. No idea. But I’m going to assume that the nasty girlfriend knows the exact address. And has her own assigned parking.

Long stretch where we are jumping around the Matts so quickly that I don’t even have time to come up with something clever, then we slow back down for some close-up shots of Girlfriend, all smiley and friendly even though we know she’s lying. Then we have the two of them performing public displays of affection, one of which causes pigeons to fly away in fear.

There’s a startling moment where we watch the shadow of X-Files Matt perform a tribute to hula dancers, one of those secret sci-fi convention rituals that we best not speak further about. More face-shoving from Girlfriend, her nostrils competing with Matt’s to dominate the screen. And an update from that motel. Yep, it’s still sleazy.

We have another Matt trapped between a different set of beds, so you have to wonder exactly what the symbolism might be with this. Is Matt just really, really tired all the time? Is he a big ole slut? Or does he just have issues with matched objects, forcing him to go into a personal timeout and reflect upon why anybody would willingly pick smooth peanut butter when crunchy is way better?

And that’s about it. The rest of the video is more of the same, with the various Matts emoting and Trollop Girl insisting on equal billing. Luckily, somebody finally remembers that this is actually Matt’s video after all, and Tarty Tina gets shoved off the screen for a while, letting us focus on Matt and the sad realization that he apparently can’t afford a razor. Poor guy.

Final shot is of Matt at that sci-fi convention. I’m sure that he was about to share something important with us, but then Klingons attack and the power goes out. We fade to black, our fates unknown…

Click Here to Watch the Video on YouTube.

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