Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swedish House Mafia - “Save The World”

Note: This video totally surprised me. In a good way.

We start off on some street at night, with two ladies tromping along. They might be tramps or progressive nuns, it’s not really clear. They seem to be happy, which is all that’s really important. Cut to a diner, where business is a bit slow and the young guy at the counter, out of sheer boredom, is refilling the sugar dispensers. But he’s got some mini-headphones on, listening to some tunes about global warming or jock itch, so he’s probably basically happy as well.

Next up is some guy sitting in a car on the street (maybe the same street, maybe not, nobody is standing around with explanatory signs), fiddling with the car stereo. He definitely looks a bit blue, maybe he’s just broken up with his girlfriend or just learned that you don’t get your deposit back on empty bottles in Texas. Lucky for him, he finds this exact song on the radio, so it stands to reason that his life can only get better.

Then things turn a little dark.

Back to the happy ladies prancing along and chattering, and some dude runs up and snatches the one with the ugly coat, covering her mouth and dragging her backwards while her little friend whirls around in a slow motion, her expression indicating that she’s not really pleased that she didn’t get to finish her story about the burrito. At the same time, another dude approaches the parked car with the radio man inside, and the dude smashes in the window with a crowbar. (Some people in this town are just RUDE, know what I’m sayin?)

Oh, and the fun times continue, with some masked guys charging into the diner, one of them swinging a baseball bat and grimacing in a way that lets us know he’s not here for the blue-plate special. Then we start jumping to all three crimes, with the one lady still being dragged, the song-loving driver being thrown into the road while his car is stolen, and the diner attendant really not happy about having to push pause on his MP3 player so he can avoid the now-swinging bat.

The camera cuts to a dog sitting on a street corner, witnessing that dragging of the lady. Fido throws his head back and starts wailing, kicking off the really cool part of the video. We see jump shots with dogs of varying shapes and sizes hearing the distress signal and responding. Next thing you know, we have a posse of pooches racing down the street, apparently headed to the scenes of the crimes.

One dog slowly approaches the lady who has been mugged and is now crying on the sidewalk, and he gently nuzzles her hands. A trio of the dogs barges into the diner and starts going after the jerk with the baseball bat. (The little dog pulling on the pant-leg is cute, but the money shot is the bulldog flying through the air, teeth bared.) And a golden retriever chases down the guy who stole the lady’s purse, going all Jet Li and shoving the jerk through the glass wall of a bus stop.

These doggies don’t play. No sir.

And the guy who stole the car? He glances in the rearview to see a pack of four-legged pursuants gaining on him. Then he looks out the front window and spies two little puppies standing in the middle of the road in the moonlight. (Canine Children of the Corn?) The driver swerves to miss them and the car flips. Yay!

Back at the diner, the bulldog manages to slam the no-longer-bat-wielding thug’s head onto the counter, knocking him out. More yay! We jump around the scenes again as we see that all of the bad guys are now in a bad way, and the one dog is licking the face of the now-smiling lady. (Awww.) Justice has been served, and we end the video with a quick run-through of all the hero pooches.

Excuse me while I go love on my pets. You should, too.

Click Here to Watch the Video on YouTube.

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