Saturday, August 20, 2011

Colbie Caillat - “Realize”

We start out with Colbie standing and singing in front of a wall where someone has slapped up one of those “giant pictures as wallpaper” things. This shot is of a nice forest somewhere, but I’m really not sure why we’re looking at this. Could they not afford to do any location shooting? Is Colbie scared of nature? Is there a law against filming real trees now? So many questions.

Then we cut to Colbie wandering around a house, somewhere in the actual woods that we just saw in the wallpaper, so I really don’t know what that first bit was all about. Colbie plops down at a desk and starts to both sing the song and write a letter, proving that she can multi-task and still look cute. She’s even using one of those fancy fountain pens that most people can’t use without getting the ink everywhere, so she’s got mad skills. She’s probably even writing in ancient Greek just to make us feel even less competent.

(Side note: Throughout the video, we keep getting shots of Colbie standing in front of the giant wallpaper and singing. Since they don’t bother to explain to us why she’s doing so, I’ll just ignore that whole mess. Just assume that every 20 seconds or so she’s vocalizing in the weird room for no reason.)

Colbie then decides to talk a walk, making sure to put on a cute little hat before she leaves the house in case she meets someone who wants to compliment her choices in life. She’s still singing, which is probably unsettling to nearby wildlife, but this is probably not important in the long run. Colbie comes across a sporty convertible that just happens to be parked on a dirt road, and she hops inside, because her hat will look even cuter if her hair is blowing around while she drives.

Colbie maneuvers the car along one of those curving, wooded highways that only happen in New England or some such, with the trees happily changing their leaf-colors to accent Colbie’s wardrobe. Then we cut to some guy wandering around in his city apartment, looking cute but slightly sad about something. Like Colbie, he apparently hasn’t heard of email either, and he sits down to write a letter as well. (His pen doesn’t seem to be as fancy, but he makes up for it with his carefully manicured five-o’clock shadow and good bone structure.)

Then the guy (let’s call him Brett) finishes his letter and also goes for a walk. Wherever these people live, it’s apparently very important that you get some fresh air after composing hand-written mail. Brett totters along a busy street, keeping the camera on his good side, until he locates a truck parked at the curb. He hops in and drives off, so we’ll assume that it either belongs to him or the people in this city are much more laid-back about sharing their possessions with one another than most places.

Brett drives through the city streets, which have been conveniently cleared of annoying things like pedestrians and other cars and the need to heed stoplights. After a bit, we see him leaving the city and driving along a rural road that looks shockingly familiar for some reason. (Hey, is this the street where lots of people got killed in Halloween 17: More Death and Pre-Marital Sex?)

Back to Colbie and her cute car, now driving along the streets of the city that Brett just left, then we see Colbie getting out of her car in front of his apartment building while he gets out of his in front of her rustic house in the woods, so we’ll have to assume that these two are clearly not using their communication skills effectively. We watch Colbie and her fashionable boots trot up to his door, and Brett and his insistence on jutting his jaw walk up to her portal. (All of this is interspersed with shots of Colbie playing her guitar like a Joan Baez tribute to sunshine and recreational pills.)

They both take deep breaths and knock on the respective doors. Both doors are not opened by the absent occupants. Then they both take out their letters and shove them under the doors. (Apparently these people don’t know about mailboxes and are possible victims of home-schooling.) After another Joan Baez montage, we watch Colbie jump back in her sporty car and head for the hills. Brett decides to just slump against Colbie’s door and take a nap, so he probably needs a little more purpose and direction in his life.

We wind the video down with, naturally, Colbie arriving home to find the long, tall package on her doorstep. She and her hat grin sheepishly, Brett and his facial scruff grin sheepishly, and we fade to black. And once again, I’m asking myself at the end of yet another music video: “Why can’t these people just pick up the phone?” Seriously.

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