Sunday, January 1, 2012

Maroon 5 - “Sunday Morning”

  We start out with a mystifying close-up of glossy lips, then things shuffle around a bit until we realize that we are in a Japanese karaoke bar, with folks singing along to a previous Maroon 5 hit (imagine that). The people singing, although stylish and well-dressed, are not really all that good, so thankfully somebody puts a quarter in a jukebox, we get more odd images of light bulbs and random fruit, and then a still shot of a very sad little girl.

  Just as I’m wondering who in the hell she is, a title credit pops up under her with “Sunday Morning”. Well, no wonder she’s sad. Poor thing has been named after a Maroon 5 song, and no one will play with her.

  Another stream of scattered images (somebody in the editing room needs to stop drinking so much coffee), a brief shot of a different karaoke bar, and then we plunk down in Abbey Road studios, “3 months earlier”. This means nothing, but at least Adam is there, looking dapper in a prep-school outfit so we have something to look at until someone shows up with an explanation.

  He warbles for a bit, and the camera pans around and lets us review the other band members. (Hey wait, that one dude looks like he could be the dad of the sad little girl. Same hair, anyway. And he looks like the type of person that would name a child incorrectly.) Adam really seems to be enjoying himself, although it’s a little strange to see him just standing there instead of bouncing around the stage like he usually does. Maybe that sweater he’s wearing is really, really heavy.)

  Off we go with another stream of whatever images (stereo knobs, flowers, those starting-to-get-creepy glossy lips), then we land in a karaoke bar again. It’s a really fancy one, with people in evening wear and such, singing along with Adam. (Wow, look at the size of the mouth on that one girl. She’s got to be in a record book somewhere.) Sad little girl is back on the video monitor, singing as well, so she must be feeling a little better. Maybe she heard that SpongeBob got picked up for another season.

  Back to the band in the studio, with them focused on jamming and not on getting their hair cut. The camera comes at Adam from several different views, confirming that the little bastard looks good from any angle, damn him. Then we zip over to the karaoke bar again, where practically everyone has a microphone, and they all seem to be having a tremendous amount of fun, especially when there’s a mirror nearby where they can admire themselves.

  Studio once more, as the band rolls into the really jazzy part of the song, inspiring Adam to finally do some of his trademark stage moves, with him bouncing around like somebody left his underwear in the dryer too long. We stay with this scene for a while, with only a few interruptions from those streaming snippets of body parts and granola bars, as Adam gets down with his bad self.

  Back to the karaoke bar, where now we have everybody in the entire place belting the song, a sure sign that everybody has satisfied their drink-minimum requirement up in this grill. They’re all swaying to the song and hanging on to each other, which means this is the opportune time to get out of here because the parking lot will soon be crammed with drunken fools trying to figure out where their cars might be.

  And that’s pretty much it for the rest of the video. Adam really gets into the lyrics (especially that extended bit where he gets to holla “oh, YEAH, yeah!” about 75 times), the band members do band things, and the karaoke crowd has turned into one big family where everybody loves everybody else with that tequila-fueled kind of affection, a deep and lasting bond that disintegrates the next morning when you wake up with a swollen tongue and strange phone numbers crammed in your pocket.

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