Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling"

We start out with some really skinny girls in short skirts walking down Hollywood Boulevard, so you know right off this thing is going to be of the highest artistic integrity.

Quick shot of Fergie in some sort of dressing room, proving that she can indeed lift her leg over her head, even while wearing high heels. Shots of other people getting dressed for something. Apparently it’s hot outside, because nobody’s wearing much of anything. starts out with the vocals, while he wanders around searching for something, probably looking for some additional lyrics beyond the two lines that he knows really, really well. We see little snippets of neon paint dribbles that will prove to be an important plot device later on in the video.

For some reason, lots of shots of Fergie wearing only a g-string and a boa. She must really love that boa, considering how she’s rubbing it on her body.

More shots of people getting ready, people walking on the streets in their skanky outfits, and somebody spilling more of that paint.

Then we come across Taboo just floating in the air, for no apparent reason. The skanky ho’s all walk past him like it’s no big, they see it every day.

Okay, finally we see some people in actual CARS headed to this shindig party that everyone has been prepping for. This is L.A. People don’t walk anywhere, especially while wearing the stiletto heels that keep appearing in front of the camera out of nowhere.

We get to the party house, the music gets louder as we swing into the chorus, and everybody is jumping all over the room with a lot of energy, bouncing off the walls. Clearly, these people are on something a little stronger than appetite suppressants.

Now it’s Fergie’s time to sing, so she struts around a bit, waving this weird feather-duster thing that’s really distracting. Then she almost falls off a couch, while on the wall behind her is a giant target with a shark coming out of it. I supposed that means something to somebody.

More drinking and hyperactive dancing, brief shot of Fergie feeling up some female extra, then she’s crammed in one of those plexi-glass ball chairs on a chain, then she’s groping somebody else, then she’s on the other side of the club. This girl gets around. But she still hasn’t put down that damn feather duster.

Shot of two girls kissing, then a slo-mo shot of Fergie twirling her hair through the air, and more shots of shoes.

What’s this? Oh, here comes some guy carrying the can of day-glo paint that’s been dribbled all over town. Everybody immediately starts shoving their hands in the paint up to their wrists, making pseudo gloves. (Because that’s the first thing YOU would do, right?)

They break out more paint, and people are smearing it on their faces and clothes and whatnot. Then they switch on the black lights and everybody breaks out into the chorus and pogos around the room with even more intensity.

This goes on for quite some time, so I’m guessing this scene was the biggest part of their budget. Someone gets creative, and starts turning the black lights off and on so it sort of looks like a different scene and they can get more footage out of it. But it’s still the same dance moves, same people, and same repeated lyrics.

And I keep thinking, did an Oompa Loompa explode up in here?

As we near the end, they start just throwing in any random shot: people getting thrown in a pool, some klutzy woman taking cookies out of the oven and spilling them, people rolling off beds in their underwear, passed-out hookers in hallways, and folks taking a tumble in the bathroom. Those wacky Black Eyed Peas. Hoo boy.

Finally, the party’s over, and we see people wandering off into the night. One of the skinny models from the opening shot trips and busts her butt on the pavement. I think that was my favorite part.

And yes, the last time you see Fergie at the party, she’s still got that dang feather duster…

Click Here to Watch the Video on YouTube.

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