Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adele - “Rolling In The Deep”

We start off with Adele sitting in a chair, in what might be a hotel conference room, as long as that hotel is somewhere vaguely European. It seems we have some remodeling going on in this hotel, since some of the furniture is covered in plastic and such, but nobody is standing around explaining anything, so who knows. What we DO know is that Adele is sporting a hair bun that could easily take over the planet. This makes me a little tense.

We start getting jump shots of a Ninja Woman in another room where there seems to be mounds of snow on the floor. It’s not clear if this is an artsy statement about local weather conditions or an advertisement about the availability of inhalant drugs in this community. Cut to a shot involving thousands of water glasses covering the floor of an otherwise nondescript lobby in said hotel. This makes me think that lazy waiters have not adequately attended to parched customers in the hotel restaurant, and it saddens me.

Then we have a drummer, banging on his instruments while shoved under an obscure staircase. Has he been bad? Is he in timeout? Or does he just not understand that this is probably not an appropriate place to beat on things?

More shots of the brimming water glasses. This is potentially important, I’m just not sure why.

At 35 seconds into the fun, we have a tribute to R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” video, with crinkled paper taped to a wall. This is very cool, if they planned it. Not so much if they didn’t. And why is Adele unable to get up from her chair?

Oh look, that Ninja Woman has had enough of the snow, and she starts to… I’m not sure what she’s doing. I don’t know if that’s a leaf blower or a walking cane, but she’s using it in a violent manner on the pretty snowflakes. I think there might be some issues that we don’t comprehend, and probably shouldn’t question. Just let the woman work it out.

Meanwhile, Adele’s hair bun continues to dominate the world.

Okay, we start getting glimpses of some shattered crockery piled up on the floor. It’s never a good sign when you encounter mounds of violated dinnerware, but let’s see where this goes. Well, it seems that somebody is at the top of a staircase and hurling cups and saucers at a convenient screen thing, which is resulting in the pottery mess on the floor. Since we can’t see the person destroying things while trying to remain hidden and escape blame, I’m going to guess this person is Sarah Palin.

Jump shots of culinary destruction, Adele still captive in her chair, twirling Ninja Woman with the attitude, and that drummer who really doesn’t understand that he’s probably not in the right spot.

Oh, and more shots of the glasses. The creepy water glasses all lined up and staring at us with their uniformity and rabbit-like population explosion. And not a single one of them has a lemon wedge. I really don’t care for those things. Just say no.

This goes on for a while. Hair bun, plate-smashing, Ninja ballet and confused drummer. Again, I’m sure it all means something, I just didn’t take the right classes in college.

Finally, something new, with the camera zooming in on what might be a model of the New York City skyline, arranged on a fancy table in a room with discarded deer antlers piled on the left side. Before we have enough time to study the model and figure out where the best subway entrances might be, we have to go back and check up on Bun, Ninja, Drummer, and Glasses. They all seem to still be invested in their original assignments, so we don’t learn anything new.

Brief shot of some ceiling medallions involving man-horses shooting arrows at unseen targets. I’m going to guess that this symbolizes record producers. Or maybe Adele just has a fondness for beastly men with archery skills. Who knows.

Suddenly, back at the NYC Skyline Table, somebody sets off what might be sparklers on the ceiling, and flaming bits of some such shower down on the buildings. That’s nice. Like the people of New York appreciate reminders that crap can fall from the sky and force them to make updates in their daily planners. Oh, and it gets better. While Bun, Ninja, Drummer and Crockery continue to cavort, some of the model buildings actually catch on fire and melt. Insensitivity, much?

Then again, I wasn’t asked to participate in the planning sessions for this video, probably because I drink too much and they knew I would take too long to answer my emails. So it’s entirely possible that I’ve missed the boat here, with Adele and her producers focused on a vision that has nothing to do with terrorists and disruption of wireless service, and more to do with an embittered woman getting her musical revenge whilst trapped in a hotel where thirsty people are not satisfied.

Final shot is of Adele and her belligerent hair sitting in silence, staring at the floor. Probably wondering just how the hell they are going to pay yet another hotel bill where some fool thought it would be fun to throw plates down a staircase…

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  1. I don't understand what is going on with the plates, but I can explain the rest:

    The mounds of snow are actually insulation that came out of the ceiling due to the remodeling. The Ninja woman is probably one of the drywallers. She seems to on her break. The sparks are from some kind of welding.

    When Adele found out the conference room she had booked to shoot the video was under construction, she could have asked for her money back. Instead, she improvised and worked around the problem. It came out pretty well even though there wasn't enough space for her drummer and he had to set up out in the hall.

  2. Dearest CC in Missouri,

    You had me rolling on the floor with your comments, seriously. I am now lighting a candle and hoping that you come back and make more comments on the other videos. Please do. I beg of you. We could make great snarkiness together...


  3. if you listen to the lyrics it explanes everything

  4. I’d rather read this (re)interpretation cos I also didn’t the right classes in school and it’s easier.

  5. The song was released on November 29, remember what happened on that day? Japan was hit with a tsunami and the nuclear reactor exploded. Hence, the building being lit by the sparks, the cups vibrating is the tsunami. How are tsunamis formed? Vibrations. I am not sure about the dancing though, felt dark to me. Im just basing the Japan theory off of my head, the date might be wrong though. Check it out yourselves.

  6. Alright, I was wrong about the nuclear part, but an earthquake and tsunami did occur. Kinda odd Adele knew that before hand.

  7. The breaking of the dishes is a form of therapy. A frustration release. Some enterprising folks actually get paid to let you come to a predesignated room and smash to your heart's content.

  8. Stop making fun of twirling ninja. She's cool as all git out.

  9. loved your interpretation. I don't understand any of the vid, or how a woman like Adele can write songs so well.. have you ever seen her live? Sad, really.

    Keep on writing; love the snarkies.

  10. Oh my. Looks like I've not been paying attention to this post and I'm way behind on the comments. Let's see if we can rectify that...


    Yes, the lyrics help out quite a bit, but it's much more fun to pretend like I don't know what's going on. That's kind of the whole point of this blog, but thanks for the tip...


    I clearly NEVER took the right classes in school. I have focus issues... ;)

    Anon #1,

    You have a very interesting point with the tsunami connection. It certainly would explain the violated crockery and, to some extent, the sad dancing. I wonder if Adele will come out with a video that ties into the polar ice caps melting. That would be sad but fun...

    Anon #2,

    Thank you for the therapy explanation. And please, sign me up for any project where I would be allowed to better myself through smashing things, this sounds magnificent...

    Anon #3,

    I appreciate that. I try my best...

    Anon #4,

    Yes, I now realize that I possibly belittled Twirling Ninja and should not have done so. I sent her text message that I overstepped my boundaries...

    Anon #5,

    I haven't seen Adele live, one of the few regrets in my life. But I understand that she really does not like to perform live, so I'm going to pretend that my non-attendance is actually helping her out emotionally. And I love snarkies, too. It's what I live for...

  11. WOW, I dig that dancer. I am crazy about her. Jennifer White I believe.
    Fast, aggressive yet graceful, elegant and sexy. I want her the beat the hell out of me.



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