Friday, April 15, 2011

Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne - “Motivation”

Note: Explicit lyrics and heavy petting. Just sayin.

We start out in what looks like a really big warehouse, but it might just be the place where Lil Wayne likes to keep his bling. The camera is rolling along, and we catch glimpses of people peering out at us from the odd scaffolding that is everywhere. It’s possible that we’re about to get jumped, so you might want to finish your next turn in “Words with Friends” before something happens and you lose points.

Oh wait, it looks like Kelly is standing just up ahead in the gloomy light, tapping her heel and waiting for us to get our asses up there and pay attention to her. We get closer to her, and then I realize that there’s a hell of a lot more people up in this grill than I first thought. And I guess the AC isn’t working, because they’re all covered in sweat, despite the fact that none of them are really wearing anything.

Kelly just happens to find some bored homies that like to dance, so she gets their attention with her interesting outfit, which combines part of a trench-coat with a startling thong that has it’s own life-support system. Kelly doesn’t waste any time running up to one of them and yanking on his crotch like she’s trying to start a lawnmower, so I guess the girl has some urgent needs.

Cut to Kelly in another room, with her wearing what might be tattered streams of toilet paper, as she sashays about, inspecting all the chiseled bodies on display and tries to decide what she’d like for dinner. Then we jump back to Odd-Thong Kelly and her bevy of line dancers, as they hop about and perform moves that involve trying to keep their pants on as well as not be blinded by the amazing techno-purple lipstick that Kelly has managed to find somewhere.

We check back in with Meat-Market Kelly, and she still hasn’t made a selection, wandering along and perusing the various couples and singles as everybody has a really swell time touching one another and dripping sweat. At one point, Kelly is so inspired by all the options that she can’t help but jump on top of a convenient crate and start waving her legs in the air like she’s trying to power a nearby city.

Brief glimpse of Lil Wayne. I sure hope he’s not going to wear the same outfits as Kelly. I’m really not ready for that.

Odd-Thong Kelly and Her Boys are still dancing away, with the guys really invested in thrusting their pelvises hard enough so that Kelly’s trench coat flies out of the way in the turbulence and we can see that she’s not really concerned about covering up the naughty bits. Good for her. Things need to breathe, right?

Back to Kelly on that crate, where she apparently brings herself to orgasm just by repeating the word “motivation” and listening to the sounds of Lil Wayne starting to rap on the soundtrack. I really don’t think I could achieve the same satisfying achievement with those two stimuli, but I don’t make records, so I probably don’t know all the rules.

Anyway, Lil Wayne is now front and center, leaning against yet another wall in this maze of a place, rapping about how he can do things to Kelly that will rock her world so bad she ain’t never gonna get out the bed again. He’s so overcome with his awesome sexual powers that he’s apparently unable to stand up, slumped against that wall the whole time.

And while I’m sure that Kelly appreciates his lusty sentiments, we can see in jump cuts that she’s fairly occupied with her own pursuits, like rubbing her hoo-hoo on a folding chair and teaching her backup dancers to fetch on command. Lil Wayne keeps trying, though, moving to another room and rapping some more without leaning against a wall, which totally changes the meaning of the lyrics, right? He gonna make Kelly explode in a shower of sparks.

Which is probably true. Because he’s got enough metal accessories on his body that he’s a walking (humping?) lightning rod. That whole building is gonna go up if a storm roles in.

Meanwhile, Odd-Thong Kelly now has her backup boys in troop formation, so she can intimately inspect their firearms. Then we zip back to the meat-market room, just to make sure all those folks in there are still sweating and having soft-porn sex. Yes, they are. Check. So Kelly hops back up on that crate, ready for the really dramatic part of the video, where she plans to have a double-orgasm. With a cherry on top. Oh wait, she probably lost that garnish a long time ago.

And now we’re jumping all over the place. The Kelly Platoon is still frolicking about, with the squadron of supposedly non-gay men on the verge of bursting into show tunes as they high kick. Crate Kelly is performing sensual moves to confirm that she’s been properly shaved in all the right places. And everybody in the entire building is touching somebody, somewhere, regardless of gender or income. Except for Lil Wayne. He’s nowhere to be found at this point. He must have gotten a call that his shipment of custom lugnut-piercings just arrived.

The touching continues for quite some time. These people really, really love each other. How sweet. Too bad they don’t know each other’s names.

Must admit, that hip-thrusting line-dance business that starts about 3:22 into the video? Totally hawt. I could be somebody’s daddy with that mess. Word.

Shortly after, Kelly’s cooter has a featured walk-on where a whole bunch of people want to check her for ticks while she sprawls out and rides the wave of bodies. This is followed by Kelly playing squat-tag with her platoon, with the boys doing very interesting things to the beat of the song. She even issues a command that they need to crab-walk backwards into a wall. And they do. I guess life really does get better when you win a couple of Grammy awards. Might want to check into that.

The song winds down back in that main room with all of the tri-sexual people finishing up their various exploits and getting ready for a nice mass nap. Crate Kelly, her face aglow with post-coital satisfaction and a hint of wanting more, leans forward and warbles the final words of the song as various fluids began to dry-out around her…

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  1. word. those backup dancers were spicy mmm.

  2. who are they? does anyone know?

  3. i want the name of the hot guy who's body she rubbed in the beginning!!! he is frickin ridiculously hot. i wana see more of him dance wit his fine self!

  4. Well, now. I have three "Anonymous" comments, so I'll have to come up with cute little names for you...

    Spicy Anon - Yep, the backup dancers were hot. I kind of forgot this was a Kelly Rowland video and had to remind myself to pay attention and quit watching those men gyrate their hips.

    Questioning Anon - Not sure who they are. My blog stats show that people landing on the page usually are searching for "hot dancers in the Motivation video". If you find out, let me know!

    Rubbing Anon - Yep, want me some of that. Of course, he may not care for my flavor of Kool-Aid, but hey, gurl, hey!

  5. I know who ALL of them are... y'all ready for the names? =)

  6. yes please! especially the one who's chest she rubbed! he is so fine & his facial expression was MHMM!

  7. i agree i want the name of the one she rubbed in the begginig ! i had to watch that part a few tims.

  8. I am a HUGE fan of her dancers, started with the performance on the BET Awards... woo hoo.. hott! That's how I came across this hilarious LOL LOL so funny page trying to find out the dancers names. I don't know what it is about the one with the beard (seems to be the main dancer) but OMG what I would do to him. Not full blown sex just bumping and grinding our naked body parts while kissing sweating and panting. No offense but I'm really hoping he's not gay, that will so ruin it for me. Not that there's anything wrong with that afterall I have a girlfriend. Hey what can I say life is short have fun with it. Ciao! BTW, once I find their names/bios I'll be sure to post it... unlike others. hmph!

  9. Wow, four more Anonymous comments, I have REALLY got to figure out some way to let people pick out a fancy name just to use on this page. Anyway, we'll go with more cutesy names for now..

    Anon Who Knows Everybody's Names - Honey, if you go the names, please spill. But I'd be just as happy with some steamy pictures of those guys all sweaty and needing some attention.

    Anon Who Likes Facial Expressions - I might have to knock you out of the way so I can be first in line to rub him next. ;)

    Anon Who Likes to Rewind - Yep, I had to watch all the really important scenes over and over and over again. Just to make sure I saw everything, of course, for the blog. ;)

    Anon With the Huge Fan - Wait, that didn't really sound right, my bad. Anyway, glad you liked the post, and not offended at all by you hoping he's not gay. We can all appreciate the candy even if we can't have it, right?

    All Y'All - Let me know what song I should blog next. There's tons out there and it's hard to decide, but if you'll give me a holler I'll get to work on the funny. And the rubbing. Mmm Hmm.


  10. Omg so no one still doesn't know there names



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